robin criss-praytor art

The mosaics of Robin Criss-Praytor are truly magical. “I have always been intrigued by chaos and broken things,” she says of her artistic motivation. “They can be beautiful, painful, whimsical and foreboding.” Criss-Praytor’s work speaks of color and contrast, reflections of life, the Humpty-Dumpty theory revealed in its most attractive state. From multi-colored “Mania”, to the symphony of black and red in “Red Rhapsody”, she weaves the shattered remains of everyday items such as plates, tiles, mirrors, and coffee cups into things appealingly original.



  1. This Lady rocks my socks off!!! Her work is Fantastic! She sees beyond what the eyes can see. Check out the gallery for some of her work, and everyone elses work. It is a wonderful gallery!

    • We agree whole heartedly!! You should see the 2 new pieces she just brought to the gallery.

  2. Robin’s work is fantastic! She is a beautiful person who has the ability to create beautiful objects of art. Thank you for sharing it!

    • Thank you Lorna! I’m sure my work looks better with your reflection in it.

    • Robin~ so good to meet you~ Now I’m inspired~ i bought a glass/ tile cutter ~heehee! Your energy is contagious ~Thanks!

  3. Robin,
    Beautiful work! Love your artistic vision.
    And great to find you and your work.


    • Hey, Thanks for the compliment. I saw your website and appreciate your work. You have always had an eye for getting those pics right.

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