Kevin Stark

kevin bwKevin Stark has made a name for himself in so many genres that it’s hard to keep track. The list of successful ventures during his 40-something years is long and broad in spectrum. 

He is an entrepreneur. He owns the design & marketing firm, Yellow Lab Productions, is the proprietor of Stark Art, an art & photography studio, and the owner of Stark Art Gallery.

He is an artist and the creator/author/illustrator of a comic strip and graphic novel about GEEZER the 79 year old action hero.

He is the curator of the world’s only Toy & Action Figure Museum which is filled in great part with action figures from his immense personal collection of super heroes, arch villains, cult favorites, and movie monster action figures.

He is a toy designer. He designed action figures for The Simpson’s, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many others.

He is a musician. He plays keyboard, bass and guitar and is the founder of Squeaky Burger, a band whose music is uniquely composed in the moment.

He is a producer. The Squeaky Burger CDs are his work.

He is a teacher…a politician…a Renaissance man…


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  1. All that and more ~Yes! He can~~~Honest Mirror Thanks!

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