Flappy Hour

The magical mosaics of Robin Criss-Praytor are finally beginning to get the attention they deserve. “I have always been intrigued by chaos and broken things,” Robin says of her artistic motivation. “They can be beautiful, painful, whimsical and foreboding – sometimes all in one breath.”

One most notable for its broad intensity, yet warmth of character is “Comedy, Tragedy, & Everything in Between” a panorama of masks depicting the many moods we are each capable of expressing.

Criss-Praytor’s work speaks of color and contrast, reflections of life – the Humpty-Dumpty theory revealed in its most attractive state. From multi-colored “Mania” to a symphony of black and red in “Red Rhapsody”, she weaves the shattered remains of everyday items such as plates, tiles, mirrors, and coffee cups into things appealingly original.

Her most recent piece “Flappy Hour” is causing a huge stir in Pauls Valley. Thousands of reflective bits of mirror and glass meld into a 2 feet by 4 feet pink flamingo with 2 inch eyelashes, painted “toes”, and sushi skeleton in her perfect martini as she watches the traffic go by from the windows of Stark Art Gallery on Highway 77 between Dallas and Oklahoma City.

From lollipop fantasy to fractured reality, Robin does it especially well and she can be found on-site on the occasional Saturday.


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