Come on in

STARK_ARTISTS windowWelcome to Stark Art Gallery. This photo was taken in one of the display windows. The artists on exhibit are diverse and unique, so we didn’t want the “same old boring media photo”. Here we are hamming it up to show our personalities and give you an idea of how much fun this new gallery is. I am very, very proud of this eclectic space and know you will love it, too.

Artists from left: Cole Gallup, Robin Criss-Praytor, me, and Bobby Reeves.

Wander through the web gallery, and come back often to see what’s new.

Kevin Stark, Gallery Owner


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  1. If I am in a hospital…right now ….some were…in a coma…
    Please do not revive me——–i asked my sister…on my cell phone ” Did i die? ”
    i had no idea all my dreams could come true~~~I AM ~~~and not alone ….Reflections…Thank You ~ Clear & True Mirror~~~
    Make way world ~ i have found my wings ~my Life is My art ~ the music in me Lives
    p s~i smile a lot these days

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